Instead of carrying a paper Business Card. This is a digital way of carrying a Cardyou can open it from your mobile device or any device. It's like a lite portable version of LinkedIn or a C.V. that can be accessible from anywhere without registration and with only Internet access. You just open cdbc.cf and search for your name and show it to anyone. Not only this serves as a digital Business Card, but also as a certified one. And on top of that, it's free!

So, to order a permanent digital Business Card, the website wants to make sure that your information is accurate. There are 3 ways for thatyou can chose only one: 1. You send us an email from your Company's email address. 2. You have a verified LinkedIn account that shows your profession. 3. You send us a copy of a job card or whatever document you have.

If you need to print your Business Card, all you have to do is click on the card to enlarge, then save it to your device.

We offer this service without any cost at the time and for the foreseeable future so it can be spread and become well-known. In the future, we may charge a very nominal fee for the service for new cards only, although this hasn't been decided yet. Old cards will always remain there for free.